Thursday, August 27, 2009

boutique kids clothes - summer blow out is having their annual Summer boutique kids clothing blow-out sale. Everything (including Oilily) from Summer is marked way down (24.99, 19.99, etc.) . Go get a deal before they're gone

Follow this link for the kids clothing sale.

Monday, August 17, 2009

oilily update

the latest update on the trials and tribulations of childrens clothing brand, Oilily. There's been alot written and lots of unhappy folks. hopefully things are going in the right direction now...

the dutch to english translation is not perfect but you get the gist....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Shiping on Fall 2009

Back to school is here and Trendy Togs children's boutique is celebrating with free shipping this weekend on Oilily. Don't be too late, September is closer than you think.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

come back

i've been so disgusted with all that has happened I couldn't bear to write. we can only hope that this is the bottom for Oilily and better things will be coming soon.

Monday, May 04, 2009


despite initial claims of a huge number of suitors and quick closing, Oilily appears to be stuck in bankruptcy. No word yet on what this means here in the US but the writing appears to be on the wall.

the only silver lining seems to be that apparently the Olsthoorns are back in control of the name Oilily?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

oilily sale

go check out our friends at Trendy Togs... they're having a Spring 20% off sale on Oilily kids clothing. hurry! the childrens clothing sale ends on april 19.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

oh oilily, say it isnt so!

we've heard rumours and see the decay of the lines for the upcoming seasons. hopefully oilily will find a good home with some who has respect for its heritage.

anyway, according to this paper the dutch equivalent of the bankruptcy process is underway.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

wati talia dress

have you seen this wati talia dress, reminds me of the old days from a certain brand

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

free shipping offer

Check out whats new for spring from oilily and take advantage of a great free shipping offer for your boutique childrens clothing for Spring 2009.

Friday, January 30, 2009

oilily fall winter 09 fashion show

we'll try to find some more but here are a few shots of the MLY Hermans & Oilily Catwalk Fashion Show , most of them of for the womens line. follow the link, here

Saturday, January 17, 2009

go check out Oilily kids clothes at trendy togs!

Friday, December 26, 2008

year end clearance sale

there is a year end clearance sale on Oilily kids clothing happening at Trendy Togs. Everyone seems to be looking for a sale this year, so this one is "can't miss"

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oilily Fall Sale

So you can call it a celebration of Black Friday or Cyber Monday but this Oilily boutique has got the oilily collection of childrens clothes for fall and winter 2008 on sale. so save yourself from the crowds and nasty weather and get that key piece from the Music Carnivale before it's finale.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oilily Sale - Spend and Save at trendy togs

oilily girl dress
Our friends at trendy togs childrens clothing boutique are having their annual spend and save sale. You can still find some excellent deals on Oilily.

Those holiday parties are coming up at this Oilily Sammie Dress, can't miss for your little girl.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

oilily for your holiday trip

oilily bag
The perfect Oilily rolling bag for your little girl as you head off to visit family around the holidays. wheels to make the airport a bit less hectic.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oilily Clothes Sale

Our friends at at having a sale on oilily kids clothes that we thought we'd give you a heads up on. Our weather is just getting right for this Oilily Coat for your little girl.

The boutique childrens clothing sale runs through the end of this week but don't wait too long because the good stuff will be gone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

allen needs your vote

no, we've not forgotten our oilily clothing roots and gone obamaMccain on you but -we do need your vote.

and old friend/colleague of ours has recently been nominated by GQ as a Local Hero/Man of the Year, so we thought we'd beg for your vote.

Allen has turned his son's prolonged battle with Fanconi Anemia into a vehicle for helping other sick kids.

You can read his GQ bio and vote here.

and if you truly want to be reminded that there's nothing more important in life than your kids, go read his blog, Dear Henry.

Monday, September 15, 2008

birthday party favors

birthday party favors
I don't mean to get stuck on this topic, it just seems like all of a sudden I've got a ton of parties on my calender. I'm always jealous of those moms who do a good job on the birthday party favors front. I always feel kind of lame handing out Ben & Jerry's gift certificates when they kids are expecting something neat.

I'm guessing that I couldn't go wrong with these personalized birthday cookies. ... yummy butter cookies with your own personalized message in the frosting on the cookie. Granted the kids aren't likely to spend too much time admiring the artwork before they munch it down. But these Beau-Coup Party Favors are sure to be a hit. They've even got some gifts for older kids and adults.

Beau-coup Party Favors to

if you have to give something other than Oilily...

In the last few years, I've been to more than a few baby showers. At some point, I fell into the mode of buying the same baby shower gifts regardless of who the new mother was going to be. After a certain number of showers, I can only be so creative and have just run out time.

I've recently come across Beau-Coup, its a great resource for baby shower gifts. No more running around from retail store to store trying to find something unique. It's all there at the click of a mouse, no wasted gas or hours trying to find something special.

Even better, when you're putting on the baby shower, they're an all encompassing destination for baby shower favors. They've got a huge selection of all sorts of neat stuff that will make the event special. I mean, who wouldn't be impressed by personalized mints for your girlfriends shower?
baby shower favors

I've got them bookmarked in my browser for the next time I have to put on a baby shower. They are definitely a one stop shop for baby gifts and baby shower supplies that will help make the day a fun and fabulous event.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oilily in chicago

a heads up to our windy city readers, oilily chicago is opening a new store to the Mall on Michigan Ave called 900 Shops. As you know, Oilily already has 2 magnificent mile retail stores, one in the shops at Northbridge and another in the mall next to Nordstrom. So the question for you Oilily-addicts out there... is there really demand for 3 Oilily retail stores in such close proximity? or does this spell doom for one of the existing Oilily chicago locations?

despite a rising vacancy rate on the Mile, they don't call it magnificent because rent at childrens clothing retails storefronts is cheap. methinks, one of them is not long for this world.

Any thoughts on which one it will be?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

back to school back packs from Oilily

as we get closer to back to school for kids all over the world, its time to start thinking about how your children are going to lug all of that school stuff back and forth each day. luckily, Oilily has thought it through and given stylish girls a couple of options.

The Oilily V-School Backpack and the Oilily V-Cat Back Pack, both are great options for your kids who love fun colors and want to stay away from boring old LL Bean canvas.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oilily Trunk Show Jackson Hole, WY

For those of who are finishing up your summer vacation out in the Tetons, you can catch an Oilily trunk show at The Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole. They have the Soft Parade Fall collections for both women and childrens clothes.

It will run August 15-16 from 10-6PM. Of course, if you'd rather avoid the crowds of downtown Jackson and stay outside before fall comes, you can always head online to trendytogs, see the full collection and avoid the sales tax.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Oilily Creative Studio Challenge

All of you aspiring designers have a chance to throw your hat in the ring and show Oilily how it ought to be done. They've recently announced their Oilily Creative Studio Challenge.

Here's the deal:
"Oilily opens the doors of its 'Creative Studio Challenge' and invites you to enter the depths of your innovative mind to create a beaded mandala artwork that will be featured in Oilily's Spring/Summer 2009 collection.
Creativity is at the very heart of Oilily's brand essence, and art plays an integral role in everything we do. Each season Oilily weaves together the worlds of Fashion and Art to create original and eye-catching collections for independent women with a passionate interest in contemporary, artisan fashion. 2008 sees us take this connection one step further with the introduction of a seasonal 'Creative Studio Challenge' for creative and innovative students or (semi) professionals with a specific interest in fashion, art, or design"

The contest will benefit a charity called Monkeybiz, which is:
"Oilily and the non-profit organization Monkeybiz share a like-minded attitude towards creativity and individual freedom. By celebrating creativity and nurturing the tradition of South African beadwork, Monkeybiz empowers disadvantaged women in the townships of Cape Town through economic development and employment. "

how very cool.

We're expecting big things from our readers! We'll post a follow up if we can find some of work out there (or if you're participating and want some free press, send a link our way!)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

back in the saddle again

ok, we've had a bit of a break but the call of Oilily, pulls us back no matter how hard we try. as our children start to think about heading back to school, it's a Oilily backpack she needs for to call all those heavy books.

how about this oilily girls shirt for that first day at carpool?

Nothing says childrens clothes like this funky Oilily dress, nothing says oilily on your little girl like purple velvet, royal purple velvet!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

oilily fashion show in amsterdamm

thought you might enjoy this report on oilily from Amsterdamm for Fall 2008.

It's an AIFW official video report: Oilily 2008 part 1 Amsterdam Fashion Week Jennifer Delano voor Artist Magazine.

I admit that I'm not too familiar with the magazine but you can get a decent look at the clothes. There's 2 videos that include part 1 and part of the Oilily fashion show in Amsterdam.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Catimini Fall 2008 Pre-Orders

It's hard to believe that we are at mid-Summer and the school season is just around the corner. Get an early start on back to school clothing, Catimini Fall 2008 pre-orders are ready and waiting.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

oilily spring 2008 clearance sale

Quick, while it lasts.... don't tell anyone - Oilily for Spring 2008 is up to 50% off at trendytogs. all of those cute little girl clothes that you were holding out for. The selection is great but wont last long.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oilily for Spring 2008

The Oilily Spring 2008 colletion is up and on sale. Go get a neat girls sundress or cool spring outfit before they are gone!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oilily Sale

go check your oilily retail outlets, i think the cruise collection from this winter has gone on sale. I admit that I think the cruise stuff is a bit of repurposing old designs to give the folks in retail something new to put on their shelves but, just the same, it oilily and we love it.

Monday, March 03, 2008

sanctuary on camelback giveway

sanctuary on camelback
you've been depending on your friends at for oilily kids clothes over the years. Now, they're giving something back. go register for the giveaway they're running... a weekend for you and a friend at the world-renowed Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Spa.

a long weekend of pampering at this luxury, boutique spa hideaway outside Scottsdale, AZ. go sign up here!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mcconaughey knows Oilily

this picture comes from US Weekly and Splash News, pop actor Matthew Mcconaughey with an Oilily shopping bag. apparently, he and his wife/actress are having a baby girl daughter in the near future.

no word on what he bought, at least he was in the right place. give us a call Matt and we'll help you fill up the closet with boutique girl clothes.

oilily spring 2008

oilily for spring 2008 is up and available. no worries on pre-orders, it's available and ready to ship.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

you can check out any time you like...

Women's Wear Daily is a pretty trade publication. I subscribe to the site and read it a couple times a month, not a ton about kids clothes but interesting anyway. They also have a service that I subscribed to (it's free) called WWD Headlines Newsletter. It comes daily and I don't read it. Recently, I've been trying to unsubscribe to emails like this, you know, declutter the inbox.

So I've been trying to do just that... like any good email service, it has an unsubscribe button at the bottom. After 4 unsuccesful attempts with the button over 6 weeks, I called them and spoke to a very nice person at Fairchild who insisted I would be taken off the list. Three weeks later, I'm still getting my daily email from WWD.

seriously, how hard can this be? i mean WWD is owned by Fairchild Publications, who I think is owned by Conde Nast.

now that I look it at, it appears their list mgmt is being done by this company... . Time for a quality check, I think.

maybe a 6th try to unsubscribe to WWD will be a charm.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oilily pre-orders?

we're tired of the unfulfilled promises, size guessing and endless waiting the goes along with Oilily preorders. Rest assured, the spring 2008 collection from oilily is coming and will be available way before April showers...

Oilily for Spring

Oilily for spring 2008 is on its way. I know I have been more than patient waiting for these boutique children's clothes to get up so that I can have a look. but don't worry it'll be worth the wait.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

you know you always wondered about this

I have no idea whether this is legit or just a fairly clever hoax but Intuitive Life has uncovered a pending class action lawsuit against Bed, Bath and Beyond related to their mis-labeling of thread counts in bedding.

No word on exactly what spawned the lawsuit, I guess it would be unfair to immediately assume just it was greedy lawyers. I wonder if there are thread count experts, who will be flown into to court to show off their ability to put their head on a pillow and be able to discern the difference between 300 and 400 count...

If you feel you've been a victim, follow the link to the website detailing how to apply to class action status etc, here.

I've often wondered about labeling in kids clothes as well. There have been many times when I've picked up an outfit and wondered if it was really labeled correctly. In these days of totally outsourced manufacturing, it's very touch for a clothing brand. I'm glad Oilily has kept theirs local.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the return-o-meter

i came across this case study on MarketingSherpa about using the data they have on the return rate of a particular product in the sales process.

they used a simple green, yellow and red approach letting the customer know whether the products return rate was below average, average or above average. You can actually see the "return o meter" here

they claim to have seen these results:

Still, compared to last year, they’ve seen:

o 10% drop in their returns

o18% higher clickthrough rate on product pages

o 26% increase in overall sales

I had never heard of them before and certainly the online shoes market is pretty saturated. And returns have always been a challenge online, but they've turned it into an opportunity to provide better customer service.

Of course, some shoe sales certainly were impacted and I am sure there are some unhappy manufacturers out there (the ones that care anyway). But still an interesting story.

Would you be interested in seeing the "return o meter" for childrens clothes. Is it enough to know that Oilily dress or catimini outfit was returned or do you really want to know why it was returned. many online retail sites have implemented technology that allows customers to review products and claim similarily impacted results on sales.

great idea, anway.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

provenance for the clothes on your back

we've written alot here about fake designer clothes and the impact of off shore manufacturing. more and more people are looking to understand where the clothes they are buying came from and be confident that they were manufactured in "humane" conditions.

so from friends at Springwise, sweaters with a full provenance from These Flocks, the tag even comes with a picture of the sheep that donated his coat.

we hear from more and more people who are interested to know where this children's clothing brand or that is manufactured. what about you? do you care where oilily, catimini or lili gaufrette is manufactured? are you more likely to buy one over the other because of this?

if you're already paying USD150 for a girls dress, would you pay USD160 to have it built here?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oilily Sale - Year End Offer at Trendytogs

go check out the year end Oilily sale at Trendytogs. The sale on Oilily clothes and Oilily Bags offers up to 60% off of retail pricing.

it includes key pieces like this Oilily Tamar Skirt or this Oilily Backpack.

it's not too late to find a couple of key pieces to bring together your collection for Winter. It'll even make it in time to find it's way under the tree!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

catimini for the holidays

Catimini is a French children's clothing company, Catimini is recognized for it's unique flair and stylish boutique children's clothing. This European childrens clothing brand out does itself every season with fresh and new innovative looks. Catimini brings fabulous styles and fabrics!

here's a great catimini coat for the holidays

Friday, November 30, 2007

the oilily burgular

a grinch has stuck over in the UK... apparently breaking in to a local childrens boutique and taking 2 full racks of kids clothes that were on hold for loyal customers. they left the cash but took the clothes (including some Oilily).

"They left the cash till and main shop displays untouched but, in the stock
room, emptied two tall racks full of bagged outfits that parents had asked
to have kept aside."

Assistant Margaret Bowden, mother of shop owner Lucy, said: “It’s not the
money or the stock that we’re bothered about, it’s really not – it’s the
disappointment in the faces of our customers.

you can read the full article here. police will be on the lookout for really well dressed kids.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Free Valet Parking

Check out this kids clothes promotion at Trendytogs, free valet parking (well, free shipping) when you follow this link to kids clothes. The promotion is for USA Orders only and you haev to spend $75 to take part in the free shipping promotion. The deal ends on november 30th, there is no coupon code required, you just need to select "free shipping" from shipping methods.

and it's still not too late to get ahold of a holiday dress for that special occassion, i love this skirt from Jottum

you also need to check out some new boutique childrens clothes mark downs such as:

cakewalk - This beautiful mini floral dress by Cakewalk will not stay in the closet for just special occasions. Embellished with lace and embroidery, this hot pink frock is the cat’s meow. Five small buttons keep her snug as she plays with the two hanging beads of the cuckoo clock appliqué.

Catimini - We love this fun poncho from Catimini. It's easy dressing and adorable. Navy, purple and winter whites combined to create this fantastic poncho.

Oilily - Lace up those skates with Oilily this Winter! 100% cotton long sleeved tee, light orange body features skates in multi-colors and scrolling of Oilily, sleeves are orange. or this Oilily jacket

Room Seven - Room Seven makes twirling around colorful fun! The company’s signature skirt is made of a patchwork of handsome fabrics — all stitched expertly together for the kind of quality you’d expect from a top brand. The elastic waist is growth-spurt proof and its endless flowers a treasure.

or other neat stuff like this girls skirt from Wati or boutique girls shirt from Lili Gaufrette... ah sale season!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oilily in Enchanted

just saw the Disney movie, Enchanted with my daughter. my trained Oilily shopper eyes caught the scene in the Oilily store in NYC towards the end of the movie. you can't see the logo but I recognized the stairs to the front of the kids clothing store.

The princess and the little girl are in the Oilily Soho flagship store doing some shopping trying to find a dress for the ball.

five steps to something brown and cozy, six steps to ...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oilily Fall and Winter Sale

Hi Friends - The cold weather is here and winter is on the way, so I wanted to let you know that you need to go check out this oilily sale at Trendytogs. Our favorite kids clothing boutique is offering 30% off of Winter and Fall 2007 from November 8 - November 13.

If you follow this link, you'll find the Oilily clothes that you have been dying for all season.

finally, you've got your chance to get that special dress from Oilily!oilily bag

Here's a couple of things I found that will whet your appetitie.... an Oilily Rolling Bag

Monday, October 15, 2007

holiday stuff from Oilily

Uh, where was this cape when I was 2yrs old? A must have, gotta have piece from Oilily for this Winter season! Wool cape with faux fur (a must, we're animal friendly here!) trimmed hood, embroidered skater girl, toggle buttons. Check out this Oilily Skater Girl Cape. it doesnt get any cuter for the holidays then that!
This is from Oilily's Dreams in a Midnight Garden collection for Winter 2007 and Winter 2008. There's a whole collection of girls clothes with a similar theme from them this Winter. I think it's the best part of this years offering.

somebody tell them they don't get it...

i know the advertising world loves to heap all sorts of praise of P&G for all the innovative things they've done to sell soap over the years. And I'm sure as with anything creative, you've gotta mess up plenty before something sticks. Case and point, P&G's new soap opera that they're broadcasting over the web, Crescent Heights. Somehow, detergent consumers from all over are going to tune in and be inspired the next time they're in the market for detergent.

“The reaction so far has been great,” Mr. Crociata said. “We feel like we’ve hit
on something that’s entertaining and, in our testing, has shown it’s
influencing purchase intent.”

Seriously, they bought 10 episodes. I know he's managing a huge budget but this is weak...

On the other hand, the folks at Nike show us all how it's done with their new Nike + program. Their shoes talk to your IPOD, your IPOD talks to their website. From your browser, you've got access to all sorts of value added stuff and community. And check this out, (P&G!) you can even buy stuff.

Here's Nike's Trevor Edwards
“We’re not in the business of keeping the media companies alive,” Mr. Edwards
says he tells many media executives. “We’re in the business of connecting with

i know they're different types of products but the articles were back to back and the contrast was pretty stark.

Monday, October 08, 2007

more on the shipping childrens clothes thing

more today from the NYT on this topic... some contrasting opinions from various retailers. not sure whether the difference between LL Bean and Overstock is an anonomaly or just bigger differences in the customer base.

according the LL Bean:

Although customers typically order more frequently from the site when they do not have to pay shipping charges, Mr. Fuller said the average order size drops. Because the company holds retail prices steady during the promotion, according to Mr. Fuller, shipping costs diminish the profit margin of each sale.

but switch to Overstock

Overstock has found other, somewhat puzzling, behavior among its customers. The
company has for years offered $2.95 shipping fees on all sales. But according to
Patrick Byrne, Overstock’s chief executive, the site will occasionally drop the
fee to $1, “and suddenly people start ordering $400 bookcases and beds,” he
said. “The average order size goes up unbelievably.

and then to the analyst

According to Patti Freeman Evans, an analyst with Jupiter Research, a technology
consulting firm, “retailers are trying to be smarter about free shipping. It
definitely gets a response, but those customers may have bought anyway, even
without that offer.”
Ms. Evans pointed to a case study last year of Timberland
that found that the online division would have had to generate 40 percent more
sales to justify the cost of an unconditional free shipping promotion.

so what do you think, are you waiting to buy that holiday dress til you get that free shipping offer. I know the mother of oilily fan has her own shipping rate multiplier (meaning she'd drive hours thru rain, sleet and snow just to avoid $6 shipping!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

a la pricing and paying for shipping

happened across this thought from Seth about the $0.05 bag phenomenon at Ikea:

"The current Fast Company reports that when Ikea started charging a nickel for shopping bags, consumption went down by 50% (95% in the UK)."

isnt it amazing? apparently Ikea donates the nickel to some green charity. incredible how forcing the customer to make a choice (even if it's only for $0.05) changes the way they act.

I've been thinking about this with shipping in online retail, kids clothes for me but anything really. people hate to pay for shipping no matter how little it is, doesnt matter if it saves them a two hour drive in traffic, $20 in parking and all the aggravation, $6.95 for shipping sends them over the edge.

would you rather the cost of shipping was included in that oilily dress?

Should UPS and FEDEX create a program to incent online retailers to bundle shipping into the price of the goods? if i were them I'd brand some baseline of service and try to eliminate the choice (especially when cheapest option probably means USPS) and sell it that way.

"Here's one practical application. If you make something with low marginal cost
like a CD, consider offering a second one (same title) for a nickel or a
dollar. Why? Because if a customer buys a second as a gift, they've just
helped you spread the word..."

maybe waiting for the dinosaurs to do it is silly, i guess its on the childrens clothing boutique

Monday, September 24, 2007

Oilily Spend & Save Sale

oilily sweater

did you see this? Oilily spend and save sale at looks like the more that you spend on boutique kids clothes the more you save.

for me, this Oilily sweater takes the cake...

Oilily Jora Jacquard Knit Cardigan

Known for their jacquard sweaters. This sweater from Oilily is clearly a gorgeous sweater, a heavy knit sweater featuring colors in soft pinks, purples, reds and aqua, crocheting along the neckline and cuffs, zips at the front.

Monday, September 10, 2007

L'Oreal challenges eBay over sale of fakes

this article from L'Oreal decides to take "legal action" against eBay for not doing enough to prevent the sale of counterfeits.

according to L'Oreal

"Consequently, L'Oreal has decided to take legal action to protect the
consumers, preserve the quality of its selective luxury distribution network and defend the reputation of its trademarks."

in all fairness to our friends at eBay, a quick search for L'Oreal or Loreal returns thousands of products, many of them lot quantities. I wonder if they propose that eBay should hire a staff of folks to confirm that it's an actual L'Oreal retailer dumping excess quantity as opposed to some counterfeiter.

French newspaper Liberation said L'Oreal estimated the damage done to its
business from counterfeit goods sold via eBay at "probably several million

One has to wonder if someone at L'Oreal has ever bothered to count the money they've lost as a result of cannablization because of the sheer volume of the real stuff that out on eBay. Or for that matter the loss of margin as the retailer tries to compete against other retailers dumping it out there. Or perhaps even further the loss of value because of perception of the brand at its "selective luxury distribution network" .

It'd be a heck of a lot easier for ebay to identify the counterfeits if there wasnt so much real stuff out there. and yes, i know coutnerfeiting is a big problem.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

add this to your list of all time dumb predictions

perhaps you've seen the Thomas Watson's (Chairman of IBM) prediction back in 1954 around the potential market for computers being "maybe 5".

or the former Commission of the US Patent Office, Charles Duell, in 1899, saying "Everything that can be invented has been invented."

and, on the flip side, we can safely predict that there will be no shortage is bad predictions in the future. validating our point this morning, our friends at Jupiter Research and this piece of fluff ( article )...

“Pretty much, most of the people who are ever going to be buying online are online,” said Patti Freeman Evans, senior retail analyst with Jupiter Research. “From the standpoint of behavior change and big shifts in adoption, it’s happened and it’s done.”

huh? never mind that her firm says that growth rates are still growing by greater than 10% through 2010 and retail is a zillion dollar market...

"Jupiter is expecting online retailing to dip below double-digit percentage growth rates sometime by around 2010, and to plateau at some future date after that." (same article)

of course, the whole article is silly so we're inclined to cut her a little slack. but then, really, if you were paid to make predictions on this stuff, wouldn't you be betting for; behavior would continue to change, more big shifts in adoptions and generally online retail to continue to reek havoc?

obviously, everything's already been invented

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NYT Article on knock-offs

happened across this article in the NYT about the expanding and increasingly efficient business of copying designer clothing.

“If I see something on, all I have to do is e-mail the picture to
my factory and say, ‘I want something similar, or a silhouette made just
like this,’ ” Ms. Anand said. The factory, in Jaipur, India, can deliver
stores a knockoff months before the designer version"

It used to be that the knock-offs were of poor quality and sold through low visibility outlets that while it frustrated the fashion industry, it was only a minor irritant. But, modern technology and market demand has created an industry that appears to thrive off the "look alike" market

"can deliver her version of runway styles to stores four to six weeks
after an order. "

apparently Anna Sui has led a group of designer to target the demand side of this problem. They've specifically called out (and sued) retailers like Forever 21 to try to bring a halt to the practice. Anna claims that they've ripped off 26 designs.

it seems unlikely that the designers will have any luck. we've seen issues like this in boutique kids clothes market especially around Oilily. of course, we worry more about the counterfeiting issue where people try to pass off low quality knock-offs as the real thing. But this is a bit different, where you have a reasonably reputable retailer selling and therefore vouching the quality of the goods.

Of course, they contend that they're serving 2 different markets.

“Some people don’t want to spend $300 on a pair of jeans just because of the
name,” said Siovhan McGearey, 16, from London. “They may look nice, but why
pay $300 when you can go down the street to Forever 21 and get jeans that
are $30 that look exactly the same?”

But then, we all know that the real differences between the 2 items are slight. but then, we also know the value of being original and unique is well, priceless.

check out the $1,700 versace dress on the left, and the $130 piece of "flattery"from bebe

since copyright law is unlikely to be changed, it's hard to imagine a great solution for the designer. demand and technology will only make it harder for them...

Friday, August 31, 2007

your big break?

all those times you walked by the Oilily window and thought you could do better? well, it's put up or shut up time...

I happened to see this job opportunity and thought somebody out there might be interested - no pay (but really, I mean, you should be paying them for this opp)

Job Location: OILILY 103 Forest Avenue River Forest, IL 60305

Visual Intern Description:

We are seeking a student, recent graduate, or individual who has a strong interest in learning about the retail fashion industry through the perspective of visual merchandising ... This is a position that would be great for a fashion student, a visual communication/design student, or anyone who wants to work for a great company that is growing, changing and creating exciting work.The position involves the following day to day tasks :* photoshop production (this is a MUST)* packing and shipping,* brainstorming window display concepts,* installation of windows in Chicago area stores,* assist with special visual projects at the home office including photo shoots* various interdepartmental projects.The ideal candidate is extremely self motivated, does not require too much supervision, can handle variation in work flow (sometimes heavy, sometimes light) and is highly adaptable.
Necessary job skills: Photoshop, Microsoft Office (word, excel), Adobe Acrobat.This is an UNPAID internship. Days are flexible, but we would like someone who can work at least two days a week through the fall/winter season. Position is available immediately.

There is a link on the page to apply!

Oilily Backpacks for back to school

oilily backpack
as we're back to school, everyone needs a cool oilily backpack to carry all those books and homework.

check out this Oilily V Flower Backpack, a must have for sure...

Get ready for school with this floral backpack from Oilily. Pink all over floral print backpack featuring 2 front zip pockets. School sized backpack.
Oilily does it again!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

baby clothes as a service

you know you've got that closet filled with boutique childrens clothes that have been worn once or, worse, still have the tags on them. and as you go back to school you wish you had that extra cash to buy that killer oilily dress...

well the folks at springwise have found the solution in a baby clothes rentail service from Lütte-Leihen's . granted my german is a bit rusty, so we'll trust their translation but here's the deal, "

" Lütte-Leihen's 9 – 11 piece sets come in a limited range of neutral colours and patterns, and include everything from bodysuits and pyjamas to socks and hats. Pricing ranges from EUR 17 – 26 per month,..."

it's not clear to me whether it includes laudry service for the items or if you have to wash them yourself.

so what do you think?
apparently, there's allegedly this whole segment of the market, called transumers, we've talked here about other examples from kids backpacks to womens purses to other more traditional fractional ownerships models.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

is Coach for real?

we've all become aware of the powerful impact EBay has had on many "markets". one only has to do a quick search on our favourite childrens clothing brand, oilily, out there to understand it.

i saw this article today on BPM today about people reselling luxury clothing/jewelery out on ebay - not surprising or new (i know). but I was interested in this quote from Coach in the article...

"Luxury leather goods maker Coach sends letters telling people that they can't shop at its stores if they are found selling Coach products on eBay. "Unauthorized distributors lack the proper commitment to the Coach product," says Andrea Resnick, the company's spokeswoman. "

are they serious? no doubt, we'd love to see brands become more aggressive on their approach to EBay. I think it's impact (and harm to the brand, etc) is way underestimated. But back to Coach, how does this work in practice? do their cashiers have a "black list" that they check on every transaction? according to their website, they have 500 stores, not to mention the various department stores that also carries their stuff. And i would think, at some point, it's their own shortsightedness (eg Rafe selling to Target) that creates the arbitrage opportunity in the first place.

we'd love to hear from anyone at Coach (or a Coach letter recipient) on the realities related to this program.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

new kids clothes for Fall

oilily dress

have you seen what's hot for back to school?

this girls dress, from OILILY is incredible

or how about this OILILY backpack? called OILILY v-bambi?oilily backpack

i also love this girls coat from Watiwati girls coat

Wati paints a pretty picture with a rainbow of threads in this winter-loving coat. Woven snugly into a hearty cranberry color is her very own special wildflower bouquet. An equally radiant patch tags along on her left shoulder sleeve. And there’s plenty of room for animal crackers in each front pocket! High-polished blue buttons play nice with little fingers.

kids (duct tape) clothes?

from the NYT today an article about the latest is duct tape fashions. apparently they've got their own special ducttape, all sorts of colors, etc.

all of the companies listed in the articles appear to offer more or less the same things; wallets, bags, hats.... this company, ducti, has some decent looking wallets and woman's handbags (if you're into duct tape!)

i guess, I'm not surprised to see there's a long tail in duct tape fashion, a quick search of google for "duct tape wallets" returns about 28,000+ sites... amazing

Thursday, August 02, 2007

a heist at OILILY?

some desparate shopper who couldnt wait to get her children in OILILY for fall 2007 later this month?

check out this story from the local Chicago newspaper about a person trying to steal some OILILY childrens clothes right out of the designers warehouse!

"A man was observed loading pallets into a pickup truck at Oilily Corporation, 103 Forest in River Forest the afternoon of July 25. After he left, the contents of five boxes on the dock, valued at over $4,000, were missing. The license plate of the truck is registered to a Cicero man, who was later identified by Oilily employees. "

doesn't sound like he managed to get away with the goods!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

a couple more Oilily covers

oilily cover


here's some more OILILY cover artwork for your viewing enjoyment! I think my favorite of this bunch is the cartoons, although I love the colours of this one below.

kids clothes

retail coupon codes

if you 're like me, when you're checking out of an online retail site, you wish you had that "coupon code" that will get you some fantastic deal. while you won't find one for your oilily at this childrens clothing online store. But this site does have a fair number of the major players in online retail. not all the codes work all time but perhaps you'll save yourself on shipping.

Anyway, it's worth a look when you are buying something on the web and it's reasonably easy to search by site name. as the domain name says - retail? me? not!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a couple more Oilily catalogue covers

here's some more artwork from the childrens clothing brand Oilily

I think 1986?

somewhere in the mid-90's, maybe 1996 for Fall?

later 1990 for fall/winter, love the colors!

Oilily catalog covers / Oilily artwork

from time to time we get requests to help people find sources for old Oilily artwork or catalog covers (yes, I know Oilily catalogue...).

so we'll try to come up with a definitive source for images of their artwork over the years. When I find them, I'll put up here. I'll need some help making sure I have the correct year/season. And, of course, we'll need your help - so when you find one that we don't have, send it along and we'll get it up. we've got hardcopies of the last few years so don't worry about those - I just have to get them in the scanner. (needless to say, all of this work is property of OILILY)

i think this will be a neat study in the evolution of the clothing brand, here's what i've got so far:

2002 Oilily Catalog


i think this one is 1999? retro kids clothes even back then.

this was the older one I could find, 1985?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Man floats 193 miles using chair, balloons

ok, this has nothing to do with Oilily or childrens clothes but I was reading James and Giant Peach with the kids the other night and then saw this story

apparently this lunatic floated 193 miles in his lawn chair suspended by 105 helium ballons. he used water jugs as ballast and a BB gun to pop the balloons when he was ready to land.


Friday, July 06, 2007

give GE the "post it" award

whoever figured out that you could make the outside of the fridge a whiteboard is a genius. sometimes neat ideas like this are so obvious, no one thinks of them. of course, you'd have to figure out a way to keep track of the pens (which are inevitably lost or missing in any office) and the eraser needs to actually take things back to white.

have you seen the latest oilily, amazing the Back to School stuff is right around the corner.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the definitive hello kitty resource

as proof of the existence of the Long Tail, here the ultimate resource on hello kitty, this guys been at it for some time and has collected a pretty comprehensive collection of everything Hello Kitty.

you can pretty find Hello Kitty on everything, here's a cool hello kitty car to get you started...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

jottum for fall 2007

do you know Jottum? fantastic designs, rich & deeper colors.

Here's some history behind the brand

Jottum! is a cry of excitement.And also the imaginative brand of clothing made in Edam. It owes its fame to Dutch quality and boundless originality.And the name? Well, that's a strange story.Since the 14th century, jots have been appearing in the small Dutch city Edam. Eye-witnesses describe cheeky little chaps with long arms and legs. They always wear yellow caps. Jots simply love cheese, from sweet-milk to cheddar (and even grated). For centuries, the population of Edam has been guarding its warehouses. They were forced to: a hungry jot is resourceful. Between 1920 and 1929 they launched a veritable invasion. Cheeses disappeared by their dozens.Edam was in an uproar.

But the tide turned on 21 June 1929. That night, the seamstress Klaar Klosje caught a sleepy jot. Her triumphant cry Jottum! echoed through the town. (Roughly translated it means "I've got him!") Klaar immediately noticed the jot's cute clothes. After some prodding, the jot admitted that they made their own clothes. And had been doing sofor centuries. In subdued as well as eye-batting colours. And from fabrics that are perfect for adventurers - jots love rough and tumble. Shortly afterwards, the jots entered into a unique agreement with the Edammers. In exchange for 50 kilos of cheese a week, they would help Klaar Klosje to design children's clothes. To express her gratitude, the seamstress named the clothing line Jottum. This agreement with thejots - which is framed and hangs on our wall - has never been changed. Nor has our conviction that children are entitled to the best. This applies to cheese, but equally to clothes.

here's a profile of designer Anky Groothof (mother of 6!!) from their website;

"I am a mother of 6 children ranging in age from 15 to 28. I am married to actor/theatre producer Frank Groothof. Since my childhood, I have enjoying working with textiles, especially clothing. I have always been fascinated by the fact that by taking something as simple as a piece of fabric and making an item of clothing it is possible to create a complete new world as an extension of your imagination. My father was a furniture maker and when the upholsterer came by to upholster the newly made chairs, he gave me all the remnants that his daughter, the curtain seamstress, had saved for me. And because at the time there was little money to buy what you needed or wanted, I developed a keen eye for the potential of what was available. Like turning my uncle’s old chalk stripe suit into a trendy dress. This proved a fertile breeding ground for developing my creativity. Besides clothing, I’ve also designed costumes for theatre productions, but my true passion lies in making clothing collections for children. Which is what I have been doing for Jottum since 1996.
a romantic, a perfectionist, always seeking harmony, in relationships, in form, in colour and model, in light and mood. Finds it difficult to make concessions in this respect.Always tries to find the right balance. Can be very unhappy when it eludes me. People say that I want to make the world more beautiful by the way I dress, for example (people often think that I’m on my way to a party). Personally, I’m not conscious of my motives, it’s simply the clothes I like to work in. For me, it’s just the human function that clothes can have, it not only expresses your personality, your origins, your state of mind, your position or the task that you are facing at a given moment, but in particular the atmosphere that you want to have around you in order to support the mood that you’re in. What is more, with something as relatively attainable as clothing in which taste, colour, form, fantasy, personality and culture are reflected, you can add something to your environment. As far as that is concerned I often regard what I see on the street in the Netherlands as very ugly. It is fascinating to then see how creative people dare to be, perhaps precisely as a result of a lack of money, fantasy and good taste. It need not necessarily be expensive to make something of your clothes. Just look at other cultures, the rich embroidery, clothes made from all kinds of fabric remnants, beads, ribbons, etc. The love and attention reflected by it, the pride with which it is worn. This is also an important point of departure in my designs. To make a child feel proud and happy about the clothing he or she is wearing and made from materials that feel good, in which pretty details have been incorporated and that reflect the maker’s love for the child and the profession."

Quite interesting... easy to look at her designs and know there's alot going on/into them.

a cellphone service a parent can appreciate

ever find yourself looking for a clean toilet for you kid to use? here's a mobile web service called Mizpee, you send a text with an address and it sends a you back a recommendation. i've played a little bit with it but no real world reports yet. you know when you're out shopping for kids clothes, there's a guaranteed bathroom trip.

let me know how it works

Monday, June 18, 2007

bag, borrow or steal!!???

i think i wrote about this site before, essentially you can borrow or swap for the right purse. eliminate all those "emotional and financial sacrfices" that go into your purchase

now word from Alarm:Clock that they've raised another $15m, bringing the grand total to over $27m. Apparently the new cash is to expand into other categories like accessories and shoes. seriously, is the hand bag business that good? how is this possible???

the people running the business have fairly impressive backgrounds, VC's are legit... what am I missing?

would this work in childrens clothes?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

back to school comes awful early ...

in the world of kids clothes, way too early. yes, the leaves are barely on the trees and already they're talking about Fall 2007. so hold out til august if you can otherwise here's Oilily preorder, Catimini Pre Order and Baby Nay.

i have to admit this Oilily Dress is killer, Oilily Scuffle.

the blues and yellow from this group from Catimini are so bold, check out this Catimini skirt, with the blue Catimini Shirt.

so, there, we've gone and enabled your habit... don't click, show some self-control and wait til you're back from the beach.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

follow up on ridemakerz

i have been informed by one of our kids clothes that build-a-bear is actually an investor in ridemakerz, the release is here,

great minds, think alike (-:

a better build-a-bear?!

if you've had kids, then you've been to at least one build-a-bear birthday party (one too many, imho) but the kids are reasonably entertained by it. of course, there's also the pottery painting thing. i don't know if there's a dominate player in the pottery theme, but build a bear has built a pretty impressive business (NYSE traded, 190 stores, ~$300m rev), for better or worse there is one in every mall.

but, now I've come across, the next great idea, Ridemakerz, make your own remote control cars, targeted at boys... build-a-bear should buy the company now.

can you beleive Oilily Fall 2007 are just around the corner? jottum and many more too!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

more customization stuff

fI am fascinated by the whole idea... mass customization.

anyway, this comes from Springwise...

apparently, you can mix up your musi just the way you like it

"Using a simple and user-friendly interface, customers build their own personal muesli. First, they pick a foundation (oats and other grains), then add fruits, nuts and seeds, and finally extras like organic gummi bears and alfalfa. Prices and quantities are tallied along the way (60 eurocents for 30 grams of chopped almonds, 40 cents for 45 grams of dried apricots, etc), and a 575 gram pack costs around EUR 5-9, depending on which ingredients are used. Shipping is extra."

the site itself is in German, working on finding an English translation (for now, we'll take it on faith that this is actually what it says).

so what about it, if Oilily gave you some patterns, embellishments, could you do it better?

Friday, May 18, 2007

oilily spring and summer kids clothes sale

hard to believe that spring and summer sales for oilily clothes are already here... get them before they are gone.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

"clueless parents" and cyber chores?

saw this study from Starz for Kids to be presented at this conference saying that more than 1/3 of of kids help their parently regularly do stuff like comparision shopping, sharing pictures, getting directions and completing purchases and of course 47% of tween and teens said their parents were "clueless" online.

so i wonder then, we spend all this time creating a shopping experience for parents so that they can buy pampolina and jottum kid clothes - should be give up on the parents? should we make the browsing experience for parents and design the checkout process for their web savy chipie wearing kids?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

blog payola?!

for many years, big radio was scrutinized because DJ's/program mgrs were constantly tempted to take cash/gifts for play certain songs. my impression (without any direct experience) is that it happens all the time but folks got in trouble when the "gifts" got too big.

now the WSJ has found what they called "blog payola" or "blogala"and picked on Joy Unexpected, a blog done by a young mom about her life and kids. ok, so maybe she's not totally pure and it's actually a commercial enterprise, big deal, but doesn't WSJ have anything better to do?

as someone who does partnerships/ad buys occasionally with other "mommy" type blogs, i will say that if you want to see it on the blog, you better figure out what size kids clothes their daughter wears and don't ask for it back (-:

Monday, May 14, 2007

the end of the dressing room?

you've probably seen this all of the web, apparently US spending on clothing ($18.3b)on the web has outstripped sales of PC/hardware/software($17.3)... pretty granted, the source is slightly biased ( but still a clear signal that of the changing demos of the web. didnt see a break out for kid clothes

i've not read the full report but one interesting metric...

"Return rates for clothing bought online are about twice as high (14 percent) as other products bought on the Web, said, giving retailers the cost of restocking and reselling merchandise"

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pampolina Launches stateside

Pampolina another rather large European kids clothing brand is launching here in the US according to the folks at WWD, you can read the article here (don't you hate the when magazines do the free preview thing?)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

oilily on toast

oilily on toast?

saw this toaster in Make... it burns the images into the toast. $34 and it comes w. six patterns. as you can see from the Make post, there is apparently a whole industry around toast -art.

if you believe that I have a plastic bag to sell you

the latest craze over in london...

Sainsbury's & designer, Anya Hindmarch, seems to have had good intentions - needless to say, now there are people will always find something to complain about...

the celebs started using them and, of course, they're sold out.

but don't worry, you can still yours on ebay, $180 bucks and up, of course, profits there unlikely to be used to save the world.

i am in the wrong business

Monday, April 16, 2007

open source sewing?

a fascinating article from IHT about burdastyle and their developing business around removing the copyright restriction on their clothing patterns in an attempt to broaden the reach/improve their designs.

of course, copying and blatent rip-offs have existed forever in fashion and with the near zero cost of exhanging this information electronically, the problem has grown. so, maybe embracing this technology will help one designer avoid the plight facing the music industr.

eventually, they'll offer a "family tree" of each design showing how it's improved with each new designers iteration. interesting to see where this goes, obviously there's massive market for hobbyist sewers, we'll see how far upmarket this goes.

OILILY has done some of this with their Open Studio allowing externally artists to submit new t-shirt designs and then using the ones the deem best. this model has been developed further by things like cafepress. i think this is a great next step for Open Studio, let's make the process democratic by sharing the designs and allowing the market to decide.

Monday, April 09, 2007

woot! except there are no bargains

well, maybe bargain are in the eye of the beholder (or in this case trustfundholder). this site has just launched essentially doing the Woot! for exclusive, one of a kind type items.

perhaps some of that vintage oilily will make it's way onto 21ltd!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Number Birthday Tee's with Sass!

Toss out that boring old birthday girl or cupcake tee! Let her show off her age with some splash! 100% cotton short sleeved tie dyed number birthday tee's. They come in a flashy orange, fuschia and light pink with a batik pink star inside revealing her age, or a sassy hot pink, light pink and denim blue with a light blue batik star inside revealing her age. She can wear it year round, not just on her special day! Must have birthday number shirts available in numbers 1 through 8.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

sample sales the next outlets?

we've all experienced the frenzy of a sample sale. it appears that they're as good for the shopper as they are for brands...

NYT has an article here about the increasing number of kids clothes brands that are doing them. I can remember when the outlet store was a place where you could actually find a great deal for childrens clothes but now, they are outlet malls everywhere and the brands have made them an essential part of their overall sales strategy resulting in ann outlet store that isn't really that different from the regular store.

I'm sure before to long, we'll have sample sales in every city and every season.

recap of the OILILY Soho Launch party

happened to see this recap of OILILY's party to celebrate their launch of their new OILILY Soho flagship store in New York.

looks like fun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oilily bag equity?

have you seen this?

"The idea is that most women have 15-30 bags sitting in their closet collecting dust. Like many luxury products a designer handbag is a good investment. They retain a large portion of their initial purchase price. This new service will turn designer handbags into a liquid cash asset and thereby allow woman to reinvest in a new one.” according to their CEO.

She claims that she can get 80% of the original purchase price... if you're a bag brand like OILILY shouldn't this be your program? get your loyal customers 80% of their original purchase price for their old bag and then be right in front of them when the get the cash with a new bag to buy!

now if we could only do this for shoes!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

kid photo bobbleheads

ok, when i first of heard of this it sounded like a pretty clever idea... i still think it is, but an A for ingenuity and a C- for execution, oh well somebody will perfect it. even the kids clothes are weak.

kid bobbleheads

Monday, March 12, 2007


OILILY Soho has finally gotten around to throwing an opening party at their SOHO flagship location. head down and check out OILILY Spring 2007. Apparently, they'll have someone their with the Open Studio to customize your OILILY along with a bunch of fun things for the kids to do.

It's Wednesday, March 21 from 4-6PM,

465 West Broadway, NYC 10012

Looking for something to have the Open Studio team customize? i've got some great ideas for the OILILY Kisbo tee! see you there!

Friday, March 09, 2007

da-nang clothes

da-nang eat clothes, interesting packaging, has a women's line... will be interesting to see how it does for girls - come check out da nang clothes

Thursday, March 08, 2007

if only it would tell you if they fit, too

Adidas has been showing off a new trick in shoe shopping at the Paris/Champs Elysee Flagship. Simply stand in front of their "virtual" mirror and pick the shoe you want, the mirror then reflects how the shoes would look on your feet.

you can see the pictures here

no word on whether it actual help sells more shoes.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

WSJ's Million Dollar Kid

happened to see this article in the WSJ today about the costs of a child in the US today... for those of you without a WSJ subscription the US gov't puts it at $279k. the Journal adds their own "classes' for the upper end of the market:

Silver: $776k
Gold: $1mil
Platinum: $1.6

the gov't estimates clothing is $13k of that $279k. those of you with closets full of OILILY are curve-busters

a couple of sample stats: 10 years worth of Nike sneakers? $1k
itunes downloads for 10 yrs.? $3,400
bottled water delivery for 17 years for the family? $6,205

amazing how this stuff adds up. perhaps just a silver upbringing and mommy/daddy use the extra mil to upgrade the beach house when the kiddies are long gone

Friday, March 02, 2007

would you buy more OILILY shoes?

do you buy more of something because a piece of the profits go to some good cause? would you buy more OILILY shoes if they gave a pair of shoes to some needy child?

you may have heard of already of Tom's Shoes for Women, essentially they donate a pair to a child in need. at any rate, they're about to release some shoes for kids , Tiny Toms.

the shoes are pretty cool and as a result of their generosity, they've been picked up everywhere in the press. but then I wonder, if they're fashionable... are you still buying them? are there better ways to do good?

Friday, February 02, 2007

OILILY Phoenix

Looking for your OILILY fix in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona, you can find it here: OILILY Phoenix or OILILY Scottsdale.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oilily Shoes & Sandals for Spring 2007

oilily shoe
alright, I know Winter has finally arrived but have you seen OILILY's shoes and sandals for Spring and Summer 2007?

my favorites!

this OILILY Sandal,

And then there is this OILILY Shoe, I've always loved ballet shoes!

oilily sandal

Monday, January 29, 2007

on ebay

of course, we all know the power of EBAY, even for brands like OILILY, it's impact and potential to shape business decisions is incredible.

the Times of London has interesting story this weekend about the role of "shills" and fixed auctions on EBAY.

I can remember when it seemed EBAY was a "good" place and I am sure to some extent this type of thing has always happened. More and more, I am convinced that EBAY will have to come up with a more reliable "trust" mechanism or risk loosing their mainstream audience (and growth multiple in their stock).

between the shills and the couterfeit products (fake oilily! gasp!), is the few bucks you save on EBAY, really worth the risk?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the last word in pool toys

yes, it's an inflatable iceberg. a considerable upgrade from your foam worms. at $9k, it's still (probably) cheaper than flying a real one in from Antartica.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, does this outfit make me look thin, fat, short or tall?

a story about a new creation from the folks at IconNicholsen allows the mirror in your dressing room to capture a video of that new outfit that you're trying on in a boutique dressing room and beam it to your cell phone or to a friend.

real time feedback on what your shopping buddy thinks of that oilily outfit with dragging them into the dressing room with you?

check out a picture here

what do you think?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

oilily spring/summer website

they've finally made public the OILILY spring/summer 2007 website, check it out here

must mean that their new lines will be hitting the stores soon, you can always do your OILILY preorder, if you can't wait... what a great collection

oilily las vegas

are you an oilily fan in las vegas and feeling like you need your fix for spring 2007? you can still find OILILY las vegas from the comfort of your living room.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oilily Rolling Bag for Spring

of everything I have seen for Spring and Summer 2007 from Oilily, this bag takes the prize... OILILY Bag - for some reason the I prefer the OILILY rolling bags but they have

the same awesome theme on this OILILY backpack, either way the mermaid just rocks

Monday, December 25, 2006

OILILY Spring & Summer 2007 PreOrders

Visits and you can already check out OILILY Spring 2007 follow Lily on her next adventure as she goes on her Search for the Imperfect Pearl.

Also, they have OILILY SALE, up to 60% off of OILILY's fall 2006 collection.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

oilily spring preorders

go check out Lily and the Search for the Imperfect Pearl, you can see oilily 2007 and get ready for oilily spring 2007.

hard to believe that spring is right around the corner! all ready time to be thinking about oilily preorder

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cakewalk Spring 2007 / Cakewalk Summer 2007

it's here! the latest from Cakewalk . Cakewalk was started by a group of former OILILY designers in 1997and has been doing some neat stuff from the Netherlands since then. At any rate, you can see Cakewalk Summer 2007 here and Cakewalk Spring 2007 here

here's their timeline:
Cakewalk the facts:
1992 Founded by Olly's and Vilenzo International NV
1996 Launch Cakewalk Shoe collection
1997 Launch Cakewalk USA
1997 Introduction of Cakewalk Boys collection
1998 Investment by Vilenzo International NV (100% ownership)1999 Introduction of Babywalk Collection
2002 10 years Anniversary of Cakewalk
2002 Launch Cakewalk Asia & Eastern Europe
2003 Introduction Windows Shop System
2003 Launch Baby New Born collection
2004 Opening 10th shop in shop
2004 Investment by WE International BV (100% ownership)
2005 Introduction Underwear Collection "UNDIES"
2005 Launch of Kids Sunglasses in coorporation with Baby Banz of Australia
2006 Cakewalk voted Best European Brand
2006 Launch Cakewalk Swimwear

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

catimini for spring

thanksgiving is now a distant memory so it must be time for Catimini Spring 2007 preorder here. those crazy french folks at Catimini have their act together.... spring much come early in Paris

Sunday, December 03, 2006


how can we possibly wait until til oilily spring 2007... i'm counting the days until the pre-orders start.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

something to drive to the OILILY boutique in

i happened to see that and thought you would get a chuckle. customizing your porsche with your name on the back, sure, chicks will dig that.

i think back to Bill Murray's move Stripes...

HOWARD: "My name's Howard J. Turkstra.I'm from Kansas City. My hobbies are fast carsand fast women. Because... That's why guys inmy car club call me "The Cruiser."

WINGER: " They should call him "The Dork.""

Monday, November 13, 2006


we've heard that OILILY Fall 2006 and Winter 2006 is on sale!

you can beat the Thanksgiving rush at this OILILY boutique.

add to your collection without dealing with paying full retail, missing the mall crowds and sales tax...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oilily Shopping Spree - US Magazine

US magazine is sponsoring an OILILY shopping spree to celebrate the opening of their new OILILY SOHO location.

details are sketchy on the US magazine web site but apparently all you have to do is complete their survey to win $1,000 OILILY shopping spree.

at any rate, US Magazine? I just happened to see it in the supermarket.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oilily in the NYT- Where All the Flowers Have Gone

here's a link to the NYT article (nyt reg required) about the Oilily opening in SOHO... the writer is not shopping for children's clothes (actually the store is just girls anyway) so her focus is women's clothes.

anyway Oilily SOHO is a big step forward to OILILY retail profile here in the US.

Check it out when you can!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

oilily SOHO flagship opens tommorrow

so it's finally here, oilily soho flagship opens tommorrow. this is oilily second childrens boutique in new york city...

just so you remember the details...
"The 5000-square-foot, loft-like store will augment the New York retail space devoted to OILILY’s women’s and children’s line, located at 820 Madison Avenue. In addition to housing the brand’s entire product assortment each season, OILILY SoHo will offer limited edition collections from the Dutch design team, featuring vintage themes from icons of OILILY’s past collections. It will also take part in introducing the brand’s first limited edition collection for SPRING 2007: “The Artisan Series Open Studio Collaborative Collection.”

here's a map for the new oilily boutique

can't wait to check it out.

Friday, September 29, 2006

the ultimate accessory for your Oilily baby

tired of that "do" that clashes with your favourite oilily outfit? no worries, just point your web browser to Baby Toupees and find something that works better.

ugh, they'll probably end up buying their own island.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NYC Fashion Week Blog

happened across the blog of Ebay fashion director, Constance White, and thought you might be interested. it's really more focused on adult clothes but still neat. she's mentioned oilily from time to time.

Friday, August 25, 2006

OILILY SOHO Flagship is coming

it sounds as if they opening of the new oilily flagship is right around the corner... I saw this release today:

(PRLEAP.COM) (New York, NY, August 25, 2006) OILILY, the luxury Dutch fashion label, will open its first United States flagship concept store in New York this September. The new store, located at 465 West Broadway (between Houston and Prince Streets), will offer the label’s seasonal women’s, children’s, and baby collections, as well as a showroom, where future collections will be on view. The new flagship environment markedly raises OILILY’s presence in New York – and in the United States – creating a lifestyle context for its contemporary fashions and a venue to express the brand’s values: art, culture, humanism, casual elegance and luxury, modern design, originality, creativity, and passion. "

you can read the whole release here:

they'll even be offering some class OILILY... sounds really cool, can't wait to check it out